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Teuva is situated in the western  part of Finland, about 60 kilometres from the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. Nearby cities are Seinäjoki, Vaasa and Kristiinankaupunki.

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How to get to the stables:

From Kauhajoki:

- Drive from the city centre to the direction of Karijoki and Isojoki (road number 663) for about ten kilometres until you get to Päntäne.

- Turn right when you see the road sign ”Kokonkylä 8”.

- Drive about one kilometre and turn left when you see the road sign ”Luovankylä 11”. (The road is called Mustanevantie.)

- Drive straight on for 11 kilometres and turn left at the crossroads of four roads.

- Drive about 500 metres and the stables will be on the left right after a tight curve.

From Karijoki:

- Choose the road number 663. Turn left when you see a road sign to ”Parra”.

- Drive about eight kilometres and to right to the road called Saunoontie.

- Drive about 800 metres and the stables will be on the right just before a tight curve.

From Teuva:

- Choose the road number 67 and drive to the direction of Äystö.

- After crossing the railway drive straight on.

- After the ”Päntäne 11” road sign drive on about 0,5 kilometres and the stables will be on the left after a tight curve.


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Hietikon Ratsastustalli
Saunoontie 87
64700 Teuva

+358 6 266 5356
+358 40 729 0338

Annina Hietikko


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