Welcome to Hietikko's Riding Stable. We offer you:

  • The Hietikko Riding Stable, owned by Annina and Jorma Hietikko, is situated in the village of Luovankylä, in Teuva, in Finland. The stables are open nearly every day. We give riding lessons by request,  teach horsemanship skills and Western riding and also give lectures to individuals or groups.

  • In the summer we have riding courses.

  • We have a good riding arena (46m x 50m) with a good lightning and with a fence around it. There are also nice quiet roads in the surrounding countryside. Near the stables there are nice grazing grounds for the horses. Inside the stables we have stable for 22 horses.

  • We have horses, ponies and foals. We have a cat and a dog, too. Our Finnish horse stallion called Ellun Voi can be requested to breeding.

  • We also have two cottages where the visitors can spend their nights at the end of July and at the beginning of August.


Hietikon Ratsastustalli
Saunoontie 87
64700 Teuva

+358 6 266 5356
+358 40 729 0338

Annina Hietikko

Updated 7.5.2014

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